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Created 9-Sep-15
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animal, rescued, sanctuary, "fine+art+photography", "rescued+animal", chicken, rooster, cat, hen, poodle, pig, piglet, bison, calf, cow, turkey, turkeys, goat, goats, sheep, lamb, lambs, "animal+art", cows, mother, baby, chickens, hens, angel
Pearl and her daughters, Jewel and JudyCalf Italo in the pasture at 3 days oldBaby calf Italo at 3 days oldLove Knows No Boundaries: Shelby and LulaSurvivor BalletDifferent but EqualDancing RomeoHome and Love: Different but EqualFriends Come in All Sizes and SpeciesAmelia turkey peacefully enjoying sunsetReady for My Picnic LunchUma in her hay bedAsleep at his mother's breast after nursingLunch with Friends at Lighthouse Farm SanctuaryTurkey TalkMagnificent Ferd in PastureLoving Sheep Family at Lighthouse Farm SanctuaryTrue Love at Out to Pasture SanctuaryA World of WonderPeace in the Valley

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Keywords:angel, animal, animal+art, animal+photography, baby, bison, calf, cat, chicken, chickens, compassion, cow, cows, farm+animal, farmed+animal, fine+art+photography, goat, goats, hen, hens, lamb, lambs, mother, pig, piglet, poodle, rescued, rescued+animal, rooster, sanctuary, sheep, turkey, turkeys, vegan, vegan+art, veganism