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Welcome to the photo and art website of Beth Lily Redwood. In everything I create, my intention is to share the vision of a vegan world where every animal is respected, protected and loved. My art seeks to awaken a deep appreciation for and recognition of the sacred soul, beauty and individuality of animals.

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Vegan since 2005, I am a photographer, graphic artist and writer. I am an artist member of the Art of Compassion Project specializing in photography of rescued animal ambassadors who live in sanctuaries. The Art of Compassion Project is an international collective of vegan artists who participate in exhibitions worldwide that raise funds for vegan, nonprofit organizations. 

Through The Art of Compassion Project, my photos and digital art are now being exhibited worldwide. My photos and poetry are included in The Art of Compassion: Creative Activism for Animals book. For four years, I served as a graphic designer for Melanie Joy’s Beyond Carnism organization and I helped with her TEDx talk. My photos are on the cover of Seth Tibbott’s In Search of the Wild Tofurky book, the cover of Melanie Joy’s Beyond Beliefs book, and was featured in exhibits at the Animal Museum, the Anderson Chase Gallery, Animal Liberation Victoria, Lewis & Clark College, the Percolator Artspace, The Artists’ Gallery, plus several other exhibitions presented by The Art of Compassion Project.

My photos and/or graphic design have been included in People magazine, Compassionate Action magazine, United Poultry Concerns’ Poultry Press magazine, Vegan Health and Fitness magazine, Spot Magazine, and for animal advocacy groups and individuals, including Genesis Butler, Jonathan Balcombe, Veganuary, Vegstock, Go Vegan Ireland, The Interfaith Vegan Coalition, The Prayer Circle for Animals, Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Out to Pasture Sanctuary, Wildwood Farm Sanctuary, New Life Animal Sanctuary, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, Veganpalooza, Northwest VEG, Animal Hero Kids, SAFE for the Animals, and Daniel Redwood’s animal rights album, “Songs for Animals, People and the Earth.” Daniel and I combined his music with my animal photography in the video “Just Like Us”—an animal rights anthem (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbo4EByL0Js).

My writing is included in The Missing Peace: The Hidden Power of Our Kinship with Animals, Turning Points in Compassion: Personal Journeys of Animal Advocates, and Letters to a New Vegan: Words to Inform, Inspire, and Support a Vegan Lifestyle. My animal advocacy was profiled in Our Hen House, “Creating Game-Changing Art for Animals: Our Hen House Talks to Beth Lily Redwood” (ourhenhouse.org).


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Guestbook for Beth Lily Redwood
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Victoria Moran(non-registered)
I challenge anyone to say that animals have no souls when these exquisite portraits make those souls visible to the naked eye. The photographer has captured the beauty, humor, elegance, curiosity, and joie de vivre of pigs and possums and a veritable Noah's ark of God's other creatures; and her images harken to the day when all those creatures will indeed have a place in the choir. Through the lens of Beth Redwood, that day is here already.
Meryl Ann Butler(non-registered)
Your animal photos are so touching, Beth, and nurturing to the eyes and the soul. Romping through your images is like walking through the woods with the Lady of the Beasts! I am looking forward to more ;-)
Jonathan Balcombe(non-registered)
Beth's sensitivity towards animals shines through in her photographs. Here are creatures who can feel safe to be themselves, where they reveal more about their inner beings than any staged photograph can do.
Will Tuttle(non-registered)
These are some of the most evocative and touching photos of animals I have ever seen - especially gratifying to see the portrayals of the animals our culture deems "food animals" and to see their unique personalities shining unequivocally through the photos, touching us. They remind us and demonstrate that the animals of our world are the subjects of their lives, and live complex emotional and social lives that matter to them as much as our lives matter to us. Thanks Beth for this generous feast for the eyes and heart! It awakens compassion and understanding.